Baby Back Seat Mirror

Baby Back Seat Mirror

How a Simple Mirror Can Give You Ease of Mind While Driving

Introducing….. Baby Back Seat Mirror by Mio Child!

So, you´re driving around with your baby in the rear-facing car seat, and start hearing weird noises coming from the back. Your first thought would obviously be: is my baby Ok?


What Do You Do?

Are you going to pull over right on the middle of the interstate? How dangerous is it to turn around to check on your baby while going 65 mph on the highway? What if the noise came from the outside and your little one is sound asleep?


Baby Car MirrorWe´ve Got You Covered!

Mio Child´s Baby Backseat Mirror is the perfect solution  for  driving parents, grandparents and anyone driving with  a baby on  board. No pulling over. No turning around. No  risks. Just a  quick look at the rearview mirror, and your  baby will be in sight!

Made out of the best materials out there, this baby back seat mirror comes in one piece. There´s no assembly required. Installation takes less than a minute and is fully adjustable so you can keep permanent eye contact with your baby. Even if your car seat is placed in the middle of the back seat.
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