About Us

It probably was the happiest day of our lives...

We were on a trip to the Bahamas and for some reason, maybe a hunch, I had brought a pregnancy test, which I decided to use that morning.

It was official. We were going to be parents, and while it was the most exciting and magical thing we had lived, many fears and doubts came to our minds in a split of a second.

That´s alright… We can handle it, we thought.

Little did we know, all the things that were coming our way.

Let´s face it…

Being a parent could be the most overwhelming task a human being can face, and since we had no experience whatsoever, we decided to take things easy and enjoy every minute of this wonderful journey.

We created Mio Child so we could help other caring and excited (some times clue-less) parents like us, and like you, go through this amazing and character revealing experience.

In our products, you will find very well crafted and thoughtful items that will make your life as a parent more enjoyable.

We have tried almost everything out there, so we know what works and what doesn´t. Plus, and this is a big one, Mio Child products have the one component most other baby products in the market lack… Love and real life experience.

We are now parents of two beautiful girls and hopefully more to come. We just love them!

Thank you for reading these words, and thank you for letting us help you with the most important things in your life.