The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Car Seat Organizer

December 28, 2018

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Getting One

Mio Child

As a parent, there are many things you think should, and could be better in your overwhelming day-to-day life with kids. It doesn’t matter if they are newborns, toddlers or teenagers. There is always something that could be improved.


Mio ChildRoad trips or commuting with them onboard is probably on the top of your list. It could be a total disaster, or you can manage to make it enjoyable and fun for everyone.

One of the best options, both practical and affordable, is to install a backseat car organizer with tablet holder. It will provide your kids with handy storage pockets for their stuff and also will enable you to keep them conveniently entertained watching cartoons or movies, while you safely and peacefully drive your way to your destination. Not to mention the protection it provides to the back of your front seats.

Although it may seem that picking one of these is an easy choice, we’ve gathered 5 mistakes you should avoid when you are looking for one of these car seat organizers.


Size does matter

Imagine getting your new backseat organizer out of the box. Taking it to your car. Strapping it around one of the front seats, just to find out that it is either, not tall nor wide enough to cover the whole back of your seat… That sounds like a horror story.

Mio ChildMake sure you look for the exact measures of the organizer you are buying. You might have a compact car, or a brand-new SUV. Obviously, the size of the seats will be very different. In this case, the bigger, the better.

Which takes us to the next key feature…


Is the bottom strap long enough?

As discussed above, the size of the seats vary greatly for one car model to another. And if covering the back of your front seat is important, then making sure the bottom strap of the organizer is long enough to strap around the seat is imperative! Be sure to compare between your options and find out which offers the longest bottom straps, as many won’t feature a long enough strap.


Will my tablet fit in the holder?

That’s one of the most asked questions you will find in forums or product pages about the organizer.

And the answer is relative. What kind of tablet do you have? How big or bulky the tablet case is? Will you take the tablet out of the case?

Mio ChildAnd since there is no one correct answer, you will need to figure it out, by answering the above questions. When you are deciding, it is better to go for spare space than being short on it. Get the biggest size holder you can, even if you are using a small, or no case at all. You never know if you will be changing cases or getting other kind of devices in the future.


Pockets for every need…

Toys, headphones, books, water or baby bottles, crayons… You name it. Kids can be quite creative when taking things for road trips. And what a battle it is, when you try to say no. Notice I said, “try”…

Mio Child

In case you lost the battle (once again), your new car seat organizer should be able to hold any kind of stuff your kid brings along. Make sure you have enough pockets, in quantity and size. Also, an important tip: if they have an elastic top, it will help keeping things in place.



You organizer has to be strong, sturdy, well built. Remember, your kid will have the final word on that. One of the most popular materials is 600D Polyester, which offers great resistance and durability. Look for it when doing your research.

You want your new organizer to be the last one you buy.


As you can see, there are many factors affecting your experience when buying a car seat organizer. I hope this quick guide has helped you consider the key things you need to look for.


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