Redefining the concept of "Super Mom"

March 29, 2018

Every day as I watch my three children grow, I reflect on my most important career choice - the day I became a mom. Like other women, I've struggled to balance work, life, home and family, but the good news is there is a solution.

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First is, to forget about trying to be a "Super Mom". These are moms who try to be all things to all people and come up short in the process.

Today's moms have learned to prioritize, focusing not only on our families but on taking care of ourselves. Our lives come in seasons, and I find that when I'm stretched too thin, I'm not effective at anything. Taking time for myself is a win-win for everybody.

Mio ChildAs moms, once we have our priorities in line, we can then be more productive in all areas of our lives. For me, these include my faith, my family and then of being of service through volunteer work. I think we can have it all, just not all at once.

To find out more about how moms balance their busy lives, Sharpie, a trusted mom tool, surveyed moms and found that 95 percent of us agree that taking time for ourselves makes us a better mother. Still, 44 percent said that spending time with their family is the best stress relief.

The survey also identified a new breed of mothers - "Signature Moms". These are moms who have their own way of parenting and expressing love to their children, whether it's by volunteering at school, attending extracurricular games and activities or taking a much-deserved mom break.

To celebrate today's Signature Moms and help set priorities, here are some simple things moms can do to keep love at the forefront of their family relationships. These "10 easy ways to say I love you" have helped me daily, and I hope they will do the same for you.

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1. Slip a handmade valentine or a simple note into your child's lunch box.

2. Take a walk together in the woods or your favorite park.

3. Jot down a line from your favorite poem. Share it with family members.

4. Kiss your kids good night, but also every chance you get.

5. Read a chapter book together.

6. Make it a priority to have family dinnertime together-no matter how busy the schedule.

7. Turn off the TV. Have a pizza night and watch a movie together.

8. Have a picnic in the park after the soccer game, instead of stopping for a fast meal on the way home.

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9. Have each family member write down one reason why they appreciate each other. Write your reasons on a tag and use ribbon to attach them to a batch of your favorite cookies. Let every family member find his/her own special cookies.

10. Help your kids write a letter to a family member who lives far away. Write the first few lines of a story and instruct the recipient to write the next, and then return the letter. Your story can continue indefinitely.

As you can see, love can be shown in infinite ways. The important thing here, is to express yourself, not only to your baby but to the whole family with small details like the ones above.

Best wishes to you and your family.


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